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Roméo et Juliette (Tybalt)

Opéra Bastille, Jun-Jul 2023

"Maciej Kwaśnikowski offers Tybalt with his vibrant high notes [...], deploys with his phrasing and vocal placement of his medium range an intensity which suddenly rises - and never comes down again - with his anger, when he recognizes Romeo, the enemy of his family, who dares to covet his cousin Juliette."

"Maciej Kwaśnikowski is an arrogant and unyielding Tybalt, his sonorous and well-projected voice hits the mark in the duel scene."

"As for the two non-French native speakers in the cast, Maciej Kwaśnikowski (Tybalt) and Huw Montague Rendall (Mercutio), they compete in elegance, accuracy in diction and feeling and youthful brilliance."

"Maciej Kwaśnikowski, for his part, confirms the formidable impression he left on Stéphane Lelièvre in the recent revival of Tristan und Isolde: a singer to follow, certainly!"

"Special mention [...] to Tybalt by Maciej Kwaśnikowski, absolutely excellent and to whom one would better entrust more important roles from now on."

Tristan und Isolde (Young sailor / Shepherd)

Opéra Bastille, Jan-Feb 2023

"Maciej Kwaśnikowski offers two very distinct characters, using all his amplitude and darkness of timbre in phrases of the Young Sailor who opens the opera, while the youthful freshness of his Shepherd seduces with his carefree and tender tone."

"Maciej Kwaśnikowski's Shepherd is touching with beautiful intonations and pure timbre of his voice, while he lends his Sailor a darker tone."

"Everything starts [...] very well with the intervention of Maciej Kwaśnikowski (former resident of the Academy) who shows himself as the Sailor and then as the Shepherd in the last act, ideal with his freshness, clarity and bearing."

Così fan tutte (Ferrando)

Dijon Opera, February 2022

"Supple and colorful voice, Maciej Kwaśnikowski embodies Ferrando with tenderness devoid of sentimentality, artistically phrases Un'aura amorosa mottled with delicate nuances, and confronts without weakening the tensions of Tradito, schernito."

"Maciej Kwaśnikowski embodies a Ferrando close to the ideal, both manly and fragile when confronted with his fiancée’s infidelity and Guglielmo’s boasting. This duality is found in the beautiful timbre of his voice and transpires in the aria Un’aura amorosa delivered on the breath, without superfluous artifice."                                                                  

"Maciej Kwaśnikowski portrays a valiant Ferrando, with clear timbre and impeccable phrasing. His Un’aura amorosa is a moment of grace."

"[…] Polish tenor Maciej Kwaśnikowski is a Ferrando full of lightness and candor, with a suave vocal expression. His brilliance becomes an expressive force in touching Un'aura amorosa."


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